Presbyopia for the Win

I’m trying to avoid spoilers on the ‘Lympics, because we’re terrible at watching anything live. Generally this isn’t a problem for “our” sport, because nobody really covers figure skating outside of these years. But right now the media is a minefield. Luckily, for the past 6 months or so my eyes have been terrible. Like I was worried something was starting to go badly wrong. Turned out my glasses just didn’t keep pace with my eyes getting a bit stronger, and the frames really didn’t work with my prescription at that point. I’m getting new glasses and trying contacts again so hooray, but in the meantime, reading smaller text requires a bit of a run up. So the upshot is that I can catch the word “olympics” and then quickly pan away before I find out Yuzu broke both ankles while going for a quad Axel or something.

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