Up Yours, Alberta Clipper

I love winter, really I do. But here in Michigan we sometimes get these polar air blasts that simply make it impossible to live. Today for instance, it’s 3 degrees Fahrenheit, with a wind chill that makes it feel like -11. I just shut down when this happens. I don’t mean when I go outside, because it’s vanishingly unlikely I will. I mean I just shut down period. It’s been like this all week and I’ve felt semi-human the whole time.

A picture of how freaking cold it is, from a weather app

2 thoughts on “Up Yours, Alberta Clipper

  1. Decades of Michigan winters is how I was able to weather the early days of COVID: it was like a blizzard keeping me indoors every day for months. Thanks for letting us know about the blog. Miss the cat pics.


  2. Time to take up XC skiing? In my experience it’s impossible to be depressed while exercising hard and enjoying outdoor solitude. You start to get a bit more friction below zero F, but it’s still super fun.


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